Saturday, September 25, 2010


I want to start this post by sayings the kids are going to school and they don't always have the best judgement. So try to stay out of school zones unless you have to be there, and keep your eyes peeled there are kids EVERYWHERE.Please keep our kids safe on the roads!!!!
Yesterday one of the kids was hit by a car right in front of the school when I walked the kids to school the first responders were there. From what we heard he was hit by a car and has a broken leg but will be okay.
Brycen LOVES school, I knew he would. In fact he woke up this am wanting to go to school. It's funny that he did not want to go the first few days in fact he hid his back pack and runners so he wouldn't have to go. now he knows what it's about and he LOVES it!!!!
I think Tony and J'naya are also glad to be back in school and I know I sure am. It's nice to be back in some sort of routine again.Ashton and I had been having a really good week, mainly because I simple refuse to fight with her any longer, then I picked her and a friend up at a cross country practice?? and I was treated with totally disrespect in fact so much so I think her friend was uncomfortable. Simply not okay I took her back to her Dad's immediately and made it clear that it is not okay to treat me like that and will not stand for it. Needless to say she's now not talking to me she didn't come here after school and I have not talked to her yet. So we'll See how long she stays mad. I am her mother and demand the respect I should be treated with and will not accept anything else. However apparently her dad still wants custody but apparently that's more about getting child support from me then anything else which is funny because I offered to give him support money and he said no, and the support I hads been receiving I didn't get it was going straight to Ashton and she was spending it so for the last year he has given support to her not me. You figure it out cause i sure can't!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

why can't we all be like dogs???

Really..........we have a dog she's a miniature dapple Dachshund and her name is Gracie a.k.a lovie, her family was giving her up for reasons unknown to me so we had her since March. She was 11 months old when we got her, I'm so GLAD that her family gave her up and chose us as her new family. Now she had some REALLY bad habits when she came the biggest one was her constant barking, but she has really improved.

I love this dog, and it seems she loves me just as much. Everywhere I go there goes my Gracie and it's funny cause she wants to go first, and doesn't always know where to go. If I get up and leave the room you can bet she'll follow me unless someone is holding her and won't let go. She also loves Ashton and J'naya, I think it's cause we're girls and don't rough house as much as the boys do. Since I work overnights and sleep durning the day if she can find me you bet she'll be in bed with me ( same with the cat, the dog sleeps by my legs and the cat sleeps on me)

She's a gentle dag and takes alot of abuse, when we go to my parents place she loves running with my dad's dog Buddy ( he's a beagle) they run so much that Gracie sleeps for hours when she gets home. Like I said she a gentle dog but I think if she felt that we were in trouble I have no doubt she'd put her life on the line. A perfect example is one day when we went out for a walk with her J'naya was carrying the dog ( cause Gracie doesn't have 4 legs to J's 2) and a man got to close to J and Gracie lunged at him. Kinda saying that's my kid get away.

The biggest problems with Gracie are that she still doesn't walk very well and wants to bark at everyone (we're working on that though), ashe doesn't always let us know that she needs to go outside (though she usually messes in the bathroom) and she shreds EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING she can get her paws her favor tie thing is full rolls of toilet paper(you can imagine the mess) Over all she's a wonderful dag and we are so glad she's a part of our family!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

teen Mom

As a teen Mom I have always not wanted to be your typical teen Mom meaning I have always tried to do things for myself, I lived on my own, I worked, and thankfully I was lucky my Mom was a HUGE help in fact she was my babysitter. I have however given up ALOT. When other people were going to the bar and drinking I was home with my daughter. While other people were parting I was home with my daughter. I wouldn't do it any other way. I love my kids and would do anything for them. However I'm feeling betrayed right now really betrayed.

You see when we were teens we ALWAYS went camping on may long weekend I usually organized it, the year I was expecting i was not invited, in fact it was kept a HUGE secret so that I wouldn't come. That is until I found out by accident and got a last minute invite. Ashton's Dad went I did not. In fact I was friends with all "those" people long before Ashton's Dad was. When I got pregnant most of them turned their backs on me........however most of them are still his friends. Family members are the same way, they won't talk to me but they talk to him. It wasn't just me that had a baby it was both of us.

Now the betrayal has gotten worse, she moved in with him. For 14 years every second weekend she went to his house for the weekend. Since she moved in with him she hasn't spent the weekend with me. Apparently the problem is that I don't spend my time with only her. Huh where am I supposed to leave the other kids??? When I do spend time only with her, she spends her time talking to "his" friends and I sit alone among strangers. But wait it gets worse.

He wants to know if he's listed as her dad on her birth certificate.........ummmmm yup your her Dad.

He wants custody..................... I have other kids......................ummmmm it doesn't hurt less because I have other kids...............I have lost another child...................I am now a baby loss momma and a teen loss momma.....................I don't know what hurts more........................I'm so sad and so alone.........................

I want my babies back............I love them and this isn't fair!!!!!