Monday, April 2, 2012

cyber bullying???? Abuse????

So recently I had an experience I feel I need to blog about, I can't get it off my mind and maybe this will help.

Why do women allow men to abuse them? I don't get how a strong women can just allow a man to control everything. I am not one of those women no man would ever get away with total control. Yes my husband has pretty much full control of the money in our home. That is because I want him to. As far as moving me across the country and getting me away from everyone I love and those who love me........not gonna happen. Making comments to friends to make the mad........not gonna happen. Having him cyber bully a good friend cause he can..........Yeah I'd put a stop to that. Having to have the same face book profile because you both don't trust each other that's a problem. It's not that I don't love him, i do. I just don't think any man should be allowed to treat someone like that. Now some women stay in relationships like this. if you choose to stay that is up to you. I will not allow my husband to treat me like that, and I most certainly will not allow your husband to treat me like that.
When I think of cyber bullying i don't think of adults, I think of children, however I feel i was cyber bullied by a grown man who should no better

A few weeks ago I received some NASTY messages from someone Else's husband, i am not okay with that. I then was accused of starting a fight......ummmmm who started it? Certainly not me. In fact I ended it. I will no longer be talking to said person unless it is minus the husband. The way things were done were not okay. These folks need to take a HUGE step back and see it from me point of view. If your husband starts a fight with cyber bullying then he needs to be held responsible and the blame should not be pasted on to someone else.

I will allow no man to treat me like dirt, not mine and certainly not one who really knows nothing about what is going on......

Hopefully this will put an end to all of this, this is my opinion and I wanna stop thinking about it. I have made my decision and that is to live my life without this man in it......