Sunday, August 28, 2011


It's been a while since I posted, what have we been up to this summer? Well my in laws have been building a cabin so we have spent a few weekends out there camping and helping. The kids love spending time in the lake and playing on the beach. We also went camping with my family, it was a blast. We had a great weekend. W
My sister has had a busy summer moving almost 4 hours away, so we spent a Saturday helping her move some stuff and un pack the stuff we moved. As far as I know her little family is all moved in and unpacked. The kids have had their 6 month appointment with the doctor, the ultrasound showed calcium deposits in both children's kidneys, this means more water, the question is how do we do that? I think I have an idea I'm gonna get a chiming clock, that way when the clock chimes it's time for water. I think this may help increase the amount of water they drink. However Tony had a spot in his kidney we were watching and it seems to be gone, so that's good news, instead of becoming a problem it seems to have past. Both children's kidney function is still normal, so no worries there. We are still waiting on the kids EKG results, and the 24 hour urine, but all seems to be going well.
The kids also went to kidney camp at camp Stephens last week, they loved it. J was worried about going and shed some tears, but they are so excited about going again, that's all they talk about. I'm glad they had so much fun, the also learned alot about kidney disease and meet a bunch of kids who also had kidney issues.
what else have we been up to? Not much really though we have spent ALOT if time down in the pool, the kids LOVE that pool. In fact I think we will make use of it again today.

Monday, August 1, 2011

your thoughts???

I don't know if anyone follows this blog...I know I seem to rant like a crazy lady......though I'm really not (yup I keep telling myself that :-) ) anywho......I have an important question and I want truthful answers NO answer is gonna hurt my feelings I just wanna know how others think/feel about it.

That being said you all know I have 5 children.......four live on earth with me, and one (the lucky one) lives in heaven with Jesus, and his 2 great grandmas,a great grandpa and a handful of aunts/uncles ( I told you he's lucky).`s my question. If you were his earthly Grandma and you were getting a gift that had each grandchild's birth stone on it would you want to have his stone included.....I`m a wondering if it would be to painful to have to answer the questions about the said child or if it would be okay to add him.

Just so we are clear this is a gift I would be buying for my mother, I just wanna know how all you out there would feel about it. Since he is my child I would be offended if I received a gift that did not include his stone he is my son, even though he`s not here. I just don`t wanna make it harder on my mother by always having to explain. There have been comments about how she has 6 grand kids when in reality, she has my 5, my sister`s 1 and my brothers I always am reminded that my dead child does`nt `count`............So I really want answers folks.......would you as the Grandmother want him included ÉÉ (sorry my computer things it`s Spanish again)