Monday, August 1, 2011

your thoughts???

I don't know if anyone follows this blog...I know I seem to rant like a crazy lady......though I'm really not (yup I keep telling myself that :-) ) anywho......I have an important question and I want truthful answers NO answer is gonna hurt my feelings I just wanna know how others think/feel about it.

That being said you all know I have 5 children.......four live on earth with me, and one (the lucky one) lives in heaven with Jesus, and his 2 great grandmas,a great grandpa and a handful of aunts/uncles ( I told you he's lucky).`s my question. If you were his earthly Grandma and you were getting a gift that had each grandchild's birth stone on it would you want to have his stone included.....I`m a wondering if it would be to painful to have to answer the questions about the said child or if it would be okay to add him.

Just so we are clear this is a gift I would be buying for my mother, I just wanna know how all you out there would feel about it. Since he is my child I would be offended if I received a gift that did not include his stone he is my son, even though he`s not here. I just don`t wanna make it harder on my mother by always having to explain. There have been comments about how she has 6 grand kids when in reality, she has my 5, my sister`s 1 and my brothers I always am reminded that my dead child does`nt `count`............So I really want answers folks.......would you as the Grandmother want him included ÉÉ (sorry my computer things it`s Spanish again)

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