Friday, August 6, 2010

fabric friday

I've decided to start a new thing called "fabric Friday" it will be an update of the fabric I played with this week so here it is!!

This is a quilt I have started for my Mom the question is do I add the white or not??

Today was the last day of VBS (vacation Bible school) for the kids Brycen attended once but then said he didn't like it so he didn't go back that and the fact that he really hasn't felt well this week. So much so that he did not have his tooth pulled this week. Anyhow we had to bike to drop the kids off and to pick them up well on the way home after dropping the kids off we saw this puddle:

and this is what happened ( sorry it's blurry I REALLY need a new camera)

When I asked him why he was riding through the puddle his reponse was " Mom I had to it was calling my name." How do you argue with that???

Have a great fabric Friday everyone!!

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