Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have never been one to worry to much about how old I am getting, mainly because I have been a Mom since I was 17, and when you become a Mom your suddenly responsible for another person, so I`d like to think I have always been more mature then your average teen. For one I was never a partying,drinking kinda girl I had a baby at home and if I didn`t look after her no one did (since her dad was so much help)
anyway, a few weeks ago it suddenly hit........I AM GETTING I am not very old yet (the ripe old age of 33). Now you may be wondering why I began thinking of my age. Last week my uncle died and it hit me that in fact I am old enough to be losing my aunts and uncles, and it`s scary.......the other thing is that my daughter will be turning 16 this month, how scary is that......I cannot believe that I am old enough for all this to be happening.
Now as I age things change I have never been allergic to anything in my I hit 30 that seemed to change, I cannot be around when my dad treats his yard for dandelions, I had a severe allergy attack at the cabin this summer....I`m talking swollen, watery eyes.....sneezing it was horrible thankfully my mother in law came to me rescue with some allergy eye drops. Same with my back a few years ago I feel from a ladder and for the most part I have been okay, but recently my back has hurt alot, one slight wrong move and I feel it for days.......There are other things that you guys don`t wanna know about, but yup I am getting old and theres no stopping it!!!

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