Saturday, February 25, 2012

quick PH1 update

Last week the kids had their check up they go every 3-4 months for a kidney function checkup. The idea is that once we see kidney function decline we will be listed for liver transplants (hopefully that never happens) so we check. To prep for a checkup we do a 24 hour urine roughly 4 weeks before our appointment, and a blood draw. That way we have the results at the appointment. Guess what EVERYTHING was in the normal range......... Oxalate's were in the normal range J's were 276 and Tony's were 267. So as long as they take the meds everyday all is well. However getting those meds into them is a daily fight. I have actually found piles of them in hiding places. Urine output for J was pretty good to, and Tony's were low. That is because when I say get a glass of water J goes and tony does not. They are also 10 and 12 and they know that they must drink water and should be drinking lots of water.

They are also both kidney stone free, Tony had stones but went through some rough patches in December which also included a trip to the E.R. and an ultrasound and his now stone free.
so far all is well :-)

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