Thursday, November 25, 2010


A few years ago, I fell from a ladder and REALLY hurt my back, in fact I think I spent upwards of $400.00 dollars to get it ``fixed`` this week, I turned wrong and felt the pain immediately. I hurt so much there have actually been times when I have cried. However I can`t not work, so off I go. I find as long as I keep moving it hurts but I can keep going. Sitting on the other hand HURTS!!! Sleeping, hurts, standing hurts. it all hurts. I hope it lightens soon. Tylenol and rob ax are my best friends!!

The kids went to see Dr.Dart last week it seems so far all is still good, there is some question about them getting enough water into their bodies. J`naya had a HUGE panic attack when she had to give blood. me being the person I am and having a no nonsense attitude picked her up and took her into the room so she could have blood drawn. I already know she`ll panic so I don`t tell her about the appointment in advance rather I `surprise`her the day of. ( if I were to tell he earlier she would not sleep) she did not want to go first however I knew it would be worse for her to wait till Tony was done so in we went. I always have to hold her done (though she`s getting much stronger) and we drew blood then she was fine!!! Tony went next and did well ( he always does) we just have to do a 24 hour urine to make sure they don`t need an increase in their meds.

The funny thing this week is Brycen`s sudden dislike of broccoli..........however he LOVES broccoli salad now no one tell him how much broccoli is in broccoli salad :-)

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