Saturday, December 4, 2010

new places

So we have been in our apartment for 1 month now. I think this move has really been for the better. I love my new job and it really has given me more one on one time with Brycen. Time I never had before. It has been interesting trying to keep him from being bored. We have come up with a few games to play. Our favorite is the dice adding game,e. I tell him which numbers to find and he finds them on the dice and then he adds them up and tells me the total. Not only does he not get bored he's learning too!

We also had a minor accident on Tuesday night, J'naya wanted to "help" me with dinner she wanted to drain the pasta for me. I asked her to wait for me< I'd do it for her. I proceeded to drain the pasta and the pot slipped I ended up with boiling water all down the front of me and J ended up with it all over her feet. Thanks to Tony's fast thinking and our fast un dressing no one was seriously hurt. Although I have a slight burn on my belly.

The other thing that happened was the day Brycen got "caught" ( he was playing in it actually) in the elevator and it went down. Now he knew I was on the second floor and I could hear him screaming no2....2.....2 from inside the elevator it was heart breaking because I could not stop him and make him come back. I stood there waiting for him to come back. He was fine until the door and saw me and he started to cry. we then had a talk about what to do if this happens again, and where to meet so we both know where to go. Some of the floors he can't reach the buttons. It's heart breaking to hear him screaming and not be able to help him.

Other then that it's same ole same ole around here. My biggest beef is that McDonald's still has not paid out my holiday pay and I don't know who to talk to about it!!! Hopefully I can figure this out soon!!!

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