Monday, December 20, 2010

two down...................

That's two christmas gatherings down and I don't know how many more to go. Every year instead of buying everyone gifts we draw names. Every year I have a hard time getting that gift. I think I did well. I recieved a $40.00 gift certificate for fabricland. I'm so exicited I can't wait to go shopping!!! I also bought a special gift for my parents a recordable book, All The Way I Love You. I then had the children read the book, it was a HUGE hit ( MOm cried, Dad "read" it over and over) I want one but i think it'd be silly to buy one for myself. The way these work is that you open the book to the page you want to read then push the record button and you read the page and push stop. Then when you open the book the recording for that pages plays. Some of the pages were read by all 4 kids, some of them by just the girsl and some by just the boys and each kid read one by themselves.

We have also recieved some great news we will be moving into a three bedroom apartment for feb.1. We are currently living in a two bedroom which means that the boys have a room, J'naya has a room and Jeff and I are sleeping in the dining room!! I can't wait to have my room!!!

Today is also the day that 13 years ago I married my husband, we are still as in love as we were then maybe even more so. We have made it through some very hard times, hopefully those are behind us!! Happy anniversary Jeff here's to 50 more years together!!!

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