Friday, March 4, 2011

another what????

I love cross stitching.... I LOVE quilting and this week I started crocheting, as if I need another hobby!!! It started as a way to make slippers for the kids. I'm not really good with yarn and it probably won't get to anything fancy but I wanted to make slippers so make slippers I did!!! I think they turned out well! I used a large ball of yarn and was able to make a pair of slippers for J,Tony and Brycen. I will get another ball of yarn and make a pair for Ashton. Once the slippers were done I realized that to tell them apart ( mainly J and Tony's) I would have to add a button or something so I found these cute beads and they picked what they wanted Brycen picked orange elephants, J picked green giraffes and Tony picked pick fish!!

This week we also had dentist appointments and Brycen had is impacted tooth pulled, and a custom spacer put it. So far he hasn't complained at all the only really problem will be keeping the spacer clean as everything gets caught in there!!

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