Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a day in the life

a day in the life of me. Lots of people have asked me what I do all day well here goes:
7:30 am: I go downstairs check the laundry room, clean, sweep and mop. Every six weeks I also close the laundry room for the morning and pull out all the machines and clean underneath them.
from there I go to the lobby and sweep, mop and vacuum. I also clean the windows on the doors, I wipe down the railings on the ramp, and wipe down the furniture. It amazes me how many people must allow their children to climb on their sofas at home with their shoes on, cause their are ALWAYS little foot prints on these sofas. Just cause they don't belong to you does not make it okay!!
I also sweep, mop, and vacuum the ramp leading to the parkade, and check the stairwells and sweep and mop them if needed.

I then go to the center stairwell and clean it ( it's a royal pain cause the stairs have grooves and in order to clean them I have to vacuum.)

from there I go upstairs and I either sweep and mop in front of all the elevators or i vacuum 2 full floors. However I like to switch it up......I was told one day I was late. I don't like to be told when to do things so I try to keep people guessing.
I do get a 20 minute break in the morning which I usually don't take.

Then I get my lunch.
at 12:00 am I take the phone for my manager so she can go on her lunch (I'm on call everyday from 12:00-2:00)

After lunch I do whatever job I didn't do in the morning.(either sweep and mop in front of the elevator's or vacuum the floors) When I do in front of the elevators I also clean the elevators.
and dust the fire hoses,fire extinguisher, walk down all the stairwells looking for burnt out lightblubs and messes.

There are also extra things that get done, like cleaning all the railings in all the stairwells, and washing all the walls in the hallways. I have also scrubbed floors, clean all the lint traps in the dryers.

Then there are the apartment re cleans. If someone moves out, and doesn't do a good job cleaning I go in and re clean it. or if someone was working in the apartment I clean up after them (however I get paid extra for this.)

My two big complaints are yes I am the caretaker but that does not mean I have to listen to your every complaint ( especially if I am sitting in the dentists office with my kids) and if you drop a dirty Kleenex for goodness sake please pick it up, there is no dirty Kleenex fairy I have to pick those up.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about that Owen just really loves to jump on the couch.

Momma bear said...

ohhh well then it's just fine if owen wants to come jump on auntie's sofa infact Trayten can come too!!! Just don't let uncle Jeff see it! ;)