Saturday, April 9, 2011

busy days

It has been VERY busy around was spring break last week and myself and my sisters took all the kidlets to the museum of man and nature. We all had great fun.
Though mister Trayten slept through alot of it :-) the only thing missing was my Ashton. However we did family pics and Ashton was there they are GREAT!!! I wish I could post pics but my scanner is not working!! :-( They turned out very well and I love them!!

what you don't see in this pic is that Trayten spit up all over as this was snapped!!

Owen LOVED these pillows my sister in law kept piling them on him and he thought it was great!!

the kidlets checking out the exhibits!!

the five kids all together!!

The other thing I have been busy with is my fabric stash.....Having moved 4 times in a year (ouch that's ALOT of moves!!) the fabric was EVERY where!!! Not any more!!!

this is what I did: the closet closed then:
you get this when opened.......
then the fabric is wrapped on cardboard "bolts"

the small bolts are fat quarters and samll pieces, the larger bolts are larger then fat quarter sizes.

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