Thursday, April 21, 2011

if I was a drinker.......

I would be getting drunk right now.

we moved recently, I called the government offices to let them know. Someone screwed up so I did not receive my child tax payment. Normally not a huge deal. We can manage without it. However this month of all months. I NEED that money (but I can't get it) You see, my kids prescription is sitting at the pharmacy waiting to be picked up (no it is not covered by insurance it's "herbal" so it doesn't count....never mind that it is saving they're lives who cares still not covered) and we are talking $250.00 worth of drugs. No I don't have that right now. Not only that but we had work done on our car and it is sitting in the shop waiting for us to come get it ( can't didn't get the money) the car insurance that's coming out of our account funds to cover it. All because someone in a high paying government job F***** up. How oh how will I fix this??

Where is that damn money tree.....I NEED $250.00 just for a little while please oh please money tree.

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