Monday, May 16, 2011

nothing right?

It seems no matter what I do it's never right. I don't get it. I talk to folks I say the wrong things. I don't talk I'm ignoring them!! I don't know what is right anymore? Ugh why is everything so hard?

So we call the pharmacy to get the kids meds and again there's a problem. they didn't make them, so we ask for them to be made and today we get the call that one of the ingredients will not be here until Thursday or Friday, so again we wait. Then there's the oh yeah you know how much this will cost per kid right? me: yup I know.Them: But that's per kid. Me: yup I know.Them: these drugs will not be covered by your plan you will have to pay out of pocket. Me: yup I know Them: you still want us to make them? Me:yup flavored please! :-) Every month we do this however we had to change pharmacy's as the old one couldn't get these drugs anymore and this on will compound them for us. So I guess with time they will stop asking. I did however get the kids their vitamin d on sale they have to take 2000 iu each day and I always buy the jamieson brand ones ( less additives then the others) and I buy the chocolate soft chews they are more expensive but I ALWAYS check cause they go on sale about every 3 months and then they sell for $3.99 (instead of $8.99) so of course I always buy 2 or 3 to last the next three months!!

We had the party, it went well. The kids all came here. We then went to the school play ground and had a picnic, teddy bear shaped sandwiches, watermelon and a verity of veggies and dip. Then back to the apartment for cupcakes, and gifts and then back downstairs with Popsicles to wait for parents.
Six reasons I love Brycen:

1. That lazy smiles he ALWAYS gives us when we wake him up.
2. The way he pretty much knows how everything works around here cause he's with me all afternoon.
3. His willingness to always give me hugs and kisses. (I love those)
4. His love of fruit and veggies. (He'd be okay with carrots all the time)
5. How much he loves his friends and school.
6. How much one on one time I still get with him. I'll miss this once he's in school full time!

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