Friday, May 27, 2011

hi, ho, hi, ho a camping we will go

the first camping trip of the season was great. We went camping at the in laws "cabin" well shell of a cabin, we stayed in our camper. Friday we left it was nice and sunny out. My father in law brought the kids bikes out in the back of his truck. So while I set up the camper the kids rode bikes and the hunny helped his parents. AHHHH vacation! The camper was used last fall by someone other then us and left VERY dirty when packed up so I cleaned all this and got it all ready for night time. Saturday it drizzled all day but it wasn't horrible, we had put up a tarp over the fire area when we got there so we could all sit around the fire and not get wet. Of course the kids still played either under the over hang of the roof ( when it was raining to hard to ride bikes) or they rode their bikes. They had a blast and since we didn't have access to showers we sponge bathed the kids before bed, I warmed their socks by the fire and they crawled into bed toasty warm. their runners were so wet that we set them out next to the fire to dry for the next daySunday dawned bright and sunny and we had a great day running and playing in the sun. Then Monday morning it was so cold we decided to pack up and go home. All in all it was a great weekend and we had tons of fun!!
and course we were joined by our very first niece Amira Shea at 5 weeks old I could not get over how "old" she looked!! Wise beyond her weeks!!

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