Friday, July 29, 2011


Recently I was asked what do you believe?? In the middle of a conversation about faith.......I had to stop and think about that for a second. Now I grew up in a christian home. I went to church EVERY Sunday. As a teen I was baptized, I believe Jesus died for my sins......I believe that Jesus rose again. Jesus is my savior. However I feel betrayed, did he forget about me? Why do all the bad things happen to me? Now I'm not talking about bad things, like this horrible tooth ache I've been dealing with, I'm talking a dead child......children with a horrible disease.......a child who can't stand me most days. I WANT A BREAK. I want to feel not forgotten. I want to feel like I belong in a church, I want, I want, I want........Maybe some of this is my problem I want and I haven`t given God the opportunity to show me what he wants. Really never even thought about that until I wrote this...........Really just now.............Maybe I need to start asking what do you want from me?

Light bulb moment?

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Miriam said...

Oh Karen, you're not forgotten. Not for one minute. He's waiting for you to allow HIM to carry your burdens. I firmly believe with all my heart that when we are going through painful situations, He is feeling every bit as much pain as we are, right along with us. There's no way over under or around; we have to go straight through it, but we are never ever going through it all alone.