Tuesday, July 19, 2011

weight loss

I have started a weight loss journey.....I purposely didn't tell folks when I started because I didn't wanna flop. However I did start losing some weight 5 lbs to be exact.......I'm thrilled. I started with baby steps, 3 weeks ago I stopped drinking regular pop (I try not to drink pop at all but sometimes I drink diet), then I started to walk stairs when I can instead of taking the elevator. I won't tell you how much I weigh though I will tell you I have roughly 80 to 100 lbs to lose. Besides the 5 pounds that are gone I have noticed that I have ALOT more energy, So in the grand scheme of things 5 lbs is not alot, but still it's 5 pounds less then 3 weeks ago!!! Woot...woot..... I'm thrilled hopefully I can keep it up.

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Miriam said...

That's awesome, Karen, congratulations!