Saturday, March 31, 2012

I have a problem........

I have a real problem with the "new" way of looking a child birth, yes child birth is a natural thing. Women are built to have babies, but sometimes bad things happen. I am living proof bad things happen. I had not medical intervention twice, the first time everything was fine. I got a beautiful baby girl. the second time my water broke at home, we went to the hospital and there was no heartbeat my beautiful son was stillborn at 39 weeks and 6 days. The next two births were medically induced at 38 weeks, both times babies were beautiful and alive (though one spent almost a week in the N.I.C.U.) my last baby was born at 37 weeks, all the doctor did was strip my membranes and that was enough to scare him out.:-)

Now here is my problem, though some of these births were not induced, i did have an epidural times 5. Were my babies groggy when they were born, nope they were alert, and scored well on their apgar scores (including the one that was later sent to the N.I.C.U) Am I less of a mother then someone who was not inducded? or someone who didn't have an epidural. Nope. I took the precautions I needed to to make sure my children were safe. If my son had been induced at 38 weeks he would be here, he was alive then.

Two of my kids wore cloth diapers, and all my kids were breast feed however breast feeding was not something that worked for me very well. I did all the things to try and build up my milk supply. It simply did not work for me.

Yes I agree natural is best, but shoving it down throats and saying your a "better" parent because of it is just dumb. I would air on the side of caution again if i were to have to make the decisions. I know bad things can happen, I have a 1.5 foot by 2 foot plot in a cemetery that says they can. Ignoring a medical professional is not being a hero it's just plan stupid.

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