Thursday, February 3, 2011


I received a call today from the children's doctor, the news was not good. Both kids had fairly high oxalate output, Tony's was at 900 and J'naya's is 2100. The normal is 500. This is a concern. Now are the levels high because they aren't actually taking the meds ( We have caught J flushing hers, or hiding them in her sleeve) or is it because the meds are no longer working?? The plan is to watch them like hawks to make sure the meds are making into their bodies and retesting them in 1 month. I hope it's cause they aren't taking them. I do not want my kids to have to face a transplant!! I have also brought in a new "tool" to make sure the kids take their meds at the right dose EVERY day. Basically it's a white board/cork board, I used little zip lock bags on the bags is the first letter of the child's name and a number ( I.E. J-2 would be J'naya's for the second) so each day the child takes the bag for that day and it has all the meds they need in it. This way if either one misses I know who!! I hope this will make it easier to do. It is also on the wall which will make it noticeable and harder to forget. I also made some of these baggies to leave with my parents for sleepovers so that even at Grandma and Grandpas they get their dose!!

that's what it looks like. It's one months worth of medication ( we won't mention the cost all of which IS NOT covered by insurance) We will be offering a reward at the end of the month for all the days the meds were taken!! I hope this works!!

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