Monday, January 31, 2011


That's it the move is done, we are now in a three bedroom apartment in the building I'm the caretaker in!!! I'm pooped, the other apartment is clean and the keys have been handed in (though they charged me $60.00 for extra cleaning) anyhow, it's done!! Now for the painters o come in and finish painting and we can settle in and unpack everything.It is very nice to have a bedroom again. I don't wish to move again for a VERY long time!!

We didn't do our "new" recipe last week because it was a crazy week, maybe I'll do two this week we'll see ;-). So for our random act of kindness this weekend I went to Tim's and randomly paid for the order of the car behind me. I drove away with a happy heart even though itt was not someone I knew it's fun to randomly do nice things for strangers!

Now for the silly things we say to our kids............ Why is there a slurpee in a glove??? Yup I actually asked that this week!!

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ter@waaoms said...

glad you are settling in!