Sunday, January 23, 2011


there is utter chaos in my house right now!!! We are set to move in 6 days..........6 DAYS!!! Now because I'm the caretaker I know some of the secrets, so most of our stuff is already over there in a storage room! However I still have the kids rooms and the kitchen to pack, as we speak the hubby is out getting some boxes and the fridge is defrosting! I want this move to be as painless as possiable, pretty much just have to move the furiture over there. We don't have much in the way of furiture anyhow, no sofa to speak of, we do have a futon (it SUCKS!!) so pretty much our bedroom furiture (beds and dressers) and our t.v, our computer desk and the kitchen table it shouldn't take long .

I have been reading this blog and she has been doing project 31, 31 random acts of kindess. She has inspired me!! So as a random act of kindess today I threw someone's laundry into the dryer with a dryer sheet and started it!! I hope it brightens thier day. This was a total unplanned act so I did not have my camara with me, infact I had to go back up to my apartment and write a note and then put it in the laundry basket. The kids were there with me and the LOVED it, maybe this will inspire them :-) I hope to do more random acts of kindness and would gladly take some suggestions!!!

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