Monday, May 19, 2014

how to become disowned by your family

Apparently all it takes to become disowned is to tell your family your hurting because of some of their actions, and make them hear it. Then you become family less. Then when they say mean hurtful things to you , you apologize and they don't except it. Then you get uninvited to your nephews birthday because they don't want you to ruin his day (which I never ever would). Who knew it would be that easy for people who say they love you to no longer love you. I'm blown away.

  I was hurting on Mothers day because the family went out to lunch together (called each other and met up for lunch ) but did not include my family, I just wanted them all to know that I was hurt that when we got to my Mom's house no one was their (it was a prearranged visit) and this isn't the first time, last summer we arranged to go visit the brother at camp and rent a boat and spend the day fishing, then the morning of the planned trip I called the sister and she informed me that they had gone the day before and rented the boat. So we went and got no boat. Or the time that the bodies exhibit was here and we all sat around the table at my mothers house  and talked bout how my self and both the brother in law and sister in law wanted to see the exhibit and the other 3 would do something together only to find out they did go but no one invited me ( I never got to go cause I had no one to go with) there are tons of other examples and most times I say nothing.  IT HURTS TO ALWAYS FEEL LET OUT.

This week was rough for me I ended up feeling like I wanted to hurt myself, but I have learned to reach out to the hubby before I do something stupid thankfully no matter what my hubby loves me.

 So as it stands now my parents are talking to me and my siblings aren't it hurts to think I don't get to be a part of my niece and nephews lives because my feelings were hurt and I  choose to speak out in a way that I knew would be heard.

 I have apologized but as I said my apology was not excepted and no apology's have been offered by anyone else so I guess I'm alone in this world now. I will not be reaching out to anyone they know where I am if they want me.

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