Thursday, September 10, 2009


I always seem to blog at night after everyone has gone to bed!! It is late now but the house is quiet, my baby bears are sleeping.
School has started and this year baby bear did not want to go, maybe it was the school bus that he wanted to ride not so much the whole school thing! Anyway we have transfered lil sister bear and big brother bear, big sister bear gets driven every day because she's going to grade 9 and I didn't want her to have to change this year and again next year!!
It was hard to send lil sister bear and big brother bear to new schools, all I have ever wanted was happy healthy children, changing schools is a hard thing to do big brother bear is in grade 4 so it's a big change, I thought lil sister bear would have a bigger proablem with the change but she just went with it!! Big brother bear is the one I'm worried about, I hope he figures out his place in the classroom, without going back to the disruptive behavior we were having at the old school. All in all I have really good kids, they are not angels by any means but they are good!! I'm a very lucky Mommy!!
With that said I hope we can look back at this is a year and see the good changes that have come about living in town!!
It's nice to be able to walk palces, it was nice to walk to school today and pick up my babies from school!
Maybe I can bike/walk off some of my extra weight!!!
A girl can dream right??? ;-)

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Ter said...

Good luck to the kids at their new school! :)