Monday, September 28, 2009

self worth

I am proablly the worst role model for self worth ever!!
Proablly because of one of my life expericences and partly because most times I don't feel I'm worth the effort, I seem to always have. Problem or some conflict going on and rather then always be a bother I try to hide. Infact last summer when we found out about the kids I went into hiding, I just don't know how to deal with these things.
So this week, my new landlady called child protective services, now we are a family of 7, both parents noe work pretty much full time daddy bear works during the day and I work evenings so one of us is always with the children. On top of that my place of employment is doing a fundraiser for the children's hospital where my children go every 6 months( and in between) so I am VERY involved with this. So our house is Never the cleanest house on the block, but we do our best!! Anyhow CFS came to check out our home, which totally blew me out of the water, I DO NOT think I'm the worlds best MOM, but I do know that I would do ANYTHING for these cildren!!! And I mean ANYTHING!!! So anyhow the complaint was that our home was flithy, the children were flithy and the children were no being fed! When they came in baby bear was sitting on the sofa eating breakfast and watching tree house. Anyhow after a quick walk through and a check for food, a friendly chat at the back door they were on their way. I have nothing to hide, I LOVE MY BABIES!!!
This is when I learned something VERY important, my friends do care, I was quite shook up by the whole experince so I post a facebook status saying they had been there and left the house, when I returned a half hour later one of my close friends was sitting in my driveway waiting for me!! She stayed all day, she did my dishes (even though she HATES dishes), she fed the boys and most of all she hugged me when I cried!!! Thankyou so much that is what I needed.
Later that night another girlfriend stopped by with, muffins, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate almonds.everything a girl needs to "feel" better, not only did my girlfriends come, my sister in law came out with my nephew, my sister came after work and my parents!! I really needed all of you so thankyou very much, I have always tried to just deal with it because I don't want to bother people. It was good to know that they really do care. So maybe I am worth the trouble.......maybe.


Ter said...

Yes, you are worth the trouble, and I am so glad you have those friends there for you! ((Hugs))

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend and I will give you a big hug too! :)

Miriam said...

Karen, you are SO worth it. You are a kind, generous, loving person. You are hardworking and don't complain about it. You do whatever you can to help anyone else who needs it. We just want to do the same for you.

T & J are doing so well, in spite of the PH1, and that is a credit to you both as parents and how much you love them and how well you care for them.

Never let anyone make you feel like you are any less than they are. Most people have a ways to go to catch up to you, in my opinion.