Tuesday, September 8, 2009


people The move is almost done, there is just a few last minute clean up to do. There is a trailer with junk on it,there is an old washing machine, a BBQ and a fridge and some eves other then that it is pretty much done. We talked to the "new" tenants (who have not finished paying for the trailer yet) telling them we would be by proablly friday to finish the clean up. The on monday we get a call from the old landlord, yelling about the clean up, calmly we explain we have already talked to the new "tenant" and we will get it done. This seems okay with the landlord yesterday, today he calls daddy bear at work no less, and says I called the renters board and here's what they said.Well daddy bear calls me and tells me what happened, I tell him you call the renters board and find out all sorts of stuff, you see we were simply doing whatever he wanted because we didn't want firction, so we just did it. Turns out or rent increases against the law, increases can only be 2 and a half percent, we paid 100 and 50 dollar increases randomly, when ever the mood strikesn we get an increase. The yard will be cleaned up this weekend and then I NEVER want anything to do with that trailer or that lot EVER again!!!One more note in ten years we have paid him 15,000 dollars in rent (we paid 15,000 for the trailer) durning this time my children didnot do swimming lessons, did not go to bible camp, did not do do all the extras that kids should do, because we couldn't afford it. His kids did everything, fair?? Maybe not but don't be pulling dumb stuff now. I think he's just mad that we acutally left and he now has to start tricking someone else all over. People only allow you to see what they want you to see, this man deffiantly has two sides!!Anyhow on a better note, I enrolled the kids in school today, they start tomorrow, we met the principal, we had a tour of the school. I think they will do well, big brother bear was a little upset about making friends, we had a tlk about how this is a new start for him, all the things he did at the old school and the trouble ne got into, it didn't happen here. So the ball is back in his court and its up to him as to how they will see him and how he behaves.Lil sister bear seems to be putting on a berave face today let's see what happens at bed time?? That is when she usally let's out how she really feels!!! Here's to fresh starts!!

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