Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Baby

The night before I was taking Brycen in for his shots, I realized really this is pretty much the last "baby" thing, He's riding a 2 wheeler, he can write his name, he doesn't use a sippy cup. It's a little sad my baby isn't really a baby anymore........Where did the time go??

He did really well at the doc, he wasn't impressed about getting shots and we didn't warn him in advance. He did NOT like having to undress in front of a stranger, he did however and I explained that it was okay with the doctor and I would be there the whole time he didn't really relax but he did it, then he saw the needles and he started to cry, well not really cry but sort of whimper. He was okay, I think he was more scared of the UN known and once it was done he was okay. After in the hallway he looked at me and said "mom I was brave right I only cried a little bit" then we raced Daddy down the stairs ( Daddy took the elevator) and we beat him and all was forgotten. We then went to the store and got him some candy!!!

Needles to say it seems my baby isn't such a baby anymore and we are closing one chapter in our lives and moving on to a new one!!!

I can't wait for the good things that are yet to come!!

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