Sunday, May 9, 2010

wow I feel awful

For the last week I have been battling this horrible chest cold. It's been weird one day I feel fine the next day I feel awful, it kind of started with a sore throat and has slowly gotten worse, today I can hardly talk and the worse part yup I work tonight. I hope I'm in the kitchen cause how will I take orders? It's been good for the kids cause I can't yell, no I really mean I CANNOT yell. I'm thinking they are purposely trying to make me yell so it will get worse. Oh well this to shall pass.

Yesterday we had a small accident J'naya had Gracie on her leash when Tony decided that they should race. Well a kid runs in front of Gracie and she takes off, so this caused J'naya to become unbalanced and she fell and scraped her face on the drive way. Needless to say there was blood and alto of pain, in fact she was up crying at night about the pain. We have been putting polysporin on it in an effort to keep it clean, I just hope it doesn't scar.

We also had a fun afternoon outside yesterday alot of fun was had by everyone. I can only hope the fun continues the last few summers have sucked, finding out about the Ph1 and the crazy landlady issues. We have a few fun things planned for the summer and hopefully the all pan out.

Today being Mother's day I think that most of the family has forgotten about the day, I'm currently home alone and I'm okay with that maybe I can get some sleep so I can spend some time with the family later. I am also trying not to focus on the fact that one of my children is with her Dad and another one is dead. Instead I'm trying to remember that I have 3 kids here (hopefully the 4Th one comes home later) and they are my pride and joy!!!

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