Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my sewing machine

I haven't spent very much time with my sewing machine lately oh wait I barely spend time with anyone, it's hard to work this shift I don't get much sleep and when I do try to sleep the family keeps waking me (ie. yesterday when they were all mad at each other and slamming doors) so yup I don't see many people and on top of that I have this horrible chest cold and at times couldn't talk. I still had to work so even though I feel like pooh there I am working. I also haven't talked to my Mom in a while, a quick call to say happy Mom's day and that was it. This month is really hard Jeff is working 7 am to 3 pm, so our shifts over lap and the only time I really see him is in the am when he stops in to buy a coffee and on the drive to work in the pm. By the time he comes home I'm really tired and ready for bed, in fact so tired that I forgot to lay out the kids meds yesterday and they didn't take them. Jeff has no idea who gets what!!! So yup spending time with my sewing machine becomes a back burner thing, but I promised myself that I would make time for me and I have signed up to do an umbrella swap with one of my yahoo groups and I signed up for a double batch so instead of making 24 I'll be making 48 so a good time to pull out the machine and do something for me!!

The other thing I just haven't gotten around to is making the appointment for Brycen to get his 5 year shots, finally did that too he's gonna hate me once we're done but it's gotta happen I'm sure he'll get over it! It's hard to have to go somewhere and do things that will "hurt" but it's gotta be done. Can we say bribe???

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Miriam said...

I figured John would be upset about 5-year-old shots too, but he did really well. When he was a baby he was WAY worse about the shots than the other kids, but now I could explain to him why he needed them and he did so good. Plus, they gave him a freezie after, so that made it all better!