Thursday, August 14, 2008


Our Peditriacn, left us and went back to the states, now big sister bear has an ear ache. Apparently it is my fault he left, I have phoned everysingle peditrican's office, NONE of them were taking new paitents, One was taking new paitents but not out of their area, and one said find a family doc. That in it self is not an easy thing to do. Finally got ahold of one and we have an appointment next week. That is not goos enough for big sister bear she would like to move in with her dad. I am always the horriable one who doesn't care, you know sitting on the phone for hours trying to find a doc is a totally uncaring thing to do, appartently I should have not done anything that would have been better.

Like the stress level around here isn't high enough, we now need to scream at eachother and say horriable things, I wish big sister bear would realize how hurtful the things she says are!!!!

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Ter said...

I know, it's terribly hard to find a doctor, and to find a good doctor is even harder!

As for your daughter, I can only speak of my own relationship with my mother...but be patient with her, and know that she doesn't really mean half the things she says. As she grows older, she will surely grow out of this stage, but if you keep in mind that it is just a stage, and keep nurturing her and being there for her, then there will be no resentment in adulthood.

In the maintime, I hope you find a doctor who can get that ear infection checked out!