Monday, August 18, 2008

more of Mackenzie's story

Since I have not felt like talking much less writing since the news about my middle bears, I have not written anymore about my angel baby so I thought today I would.
I left off at my 7 month, so here goes........

In my 7 month they suddenly told me that there might be something wrong with my sweet baby,(they told me that the ultrasound had shown that my babies head arms and legs were bigger then the torso which could be a problem) They sent me for a fetal assement, there I was told that my baby was altogether to small he should have been 2 pounds and they thought he was only about a pound and a half. So they scheduled another fetal for a week from then. I went home a cried. The next week they did another ultrasound and he was exatcly where he should be, I guess Mackenzie wanted his mommy to stop being a worry wart so he grew like crazy to catch up. At that fetal they told me he was gonna be just fine!!!!

The rest of the pregancy went just they way it should, my only complainets were the intense groin pain I would get if I walked to much ( the doc told me this was normal for second, third, fourth pregancies I have not ever had it again only with our angel baby), and the way my hips hurt after a full day of work. We were just so glad that the baby was okay. My then 2 year old daughter would lift my shirt for EVERYONE and tell them that our baby was in mommies tummy she was so exicted to have a brother or sister (we did not know what he was). So on we went not knowing the tragdy that was yet to come.

June 28 is my dad's birthday, we were due on Jult 1 since he was my second child I did everything I could to try to get labour going (which the hubby was against it was his first child and he was not ready for labour) I walked and walked and walked, I wnet up and down the stairs I washed all the walls in the whole house. I even cut the grass at my parents house (an acre) with a push mower. Nothing worked he was not coming out.

June 28, I was up for a long time trying to get baby to settle down, he kicked and punched (which was normal for him he did that alot, if I leaned into something he punched or kicked it, I always joked that he would have black and blue fists and feet when he was born) finally at 2 am he finally settled down suddenly, I remeber thinking wow that was a little weird I better talk to the doctor the next appointment. If only I had known the truth. I thought he sttled and went to sleep, so I went to sleep, the next day was uneventful I don`t know if he moved at all that day, as I had a very active 2 year old running around. When the hubby came home from work I lay on the sofa and had a little snooze. At 6 pm I woke up and needed the bathroom, In a half hour I had needed the bathroom 4 times, and I was begining to think something was up. I finally realized that my water had broke, and called the hubby who was cleaning the car.

He looked at me and said I`m just gonna finish this, I called my parents who quickly came and my father took big sister bear home with him and my mother came with us to the hospital. How glad I was that she was there......

I`m gonna finsh this tomorrow so tune in!!!

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Ter said...

sorry I haven't been around to visit, as you know from my blog things have been crazy here. I hope things are getting better for you.