Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When I was 19, living alone as a single Mom I meet someone from my past, long story short we fell in love and this is the story of our very first child. Shortly after we became engaged I started to feel like I might be pregant, so I went to the pharmacy and bought a test. I took the test one morning before work and guess what + right away. I was so exictied we were not married yet but were going to be in just 2 and a half months. We were gonna have children soon because we did not want our big sister bear to be spaced to far from her siblings. Anyhow I could not get ahold of the so to be daddy bear so I phoned my best friend in the whole world and told her. She was just as exicited as I was, The only damper was this feeling in the pit of my belly, I even told her that I would not carry this baby to term...... I think God was trying to prepare me for what was to happen.

The being of my pregancy was rough, really rough, I was a single mom and I was working full time, pregancy has never been "easy" for me I have alwasy had really bad morning sickness and Mackenzie was no expection, I guess he wanted to have some memories of him. Not only did I have morning sickness I also had the flu, it was so bad that I had to pull over on my way to work a few times, as amatter of fact, my lead hand sent me home cause I spent so much time in the bathroom. I spent a whole week in the apartment on the sofa........... and the bathroom floor, I remeber daddy bear coming home and finding me on the floorin front of the toliet he asked if I was okay (cause people normal lie in front of the toilet when they are okay)

Once the morning sickness finally finished things went well until about my 7 month.............

Come back tomorrow and I will continue his story!


Ter said...

I'll have you know I always lie in front of the toliet for no good reason. ;) lol.

Sorry to hear you were so sick, that's no fun!

Momma bear said...

he was worth EVERY horriable minute!!!