Tuesday, August 12, 2008

yesterday I ranted today I feel better

Yesterday I ranted but today I feel better, Just so everyoneès on the same page allow me to explain, first Mackenzie Wade is my son who was stillborn 10 years ago. My sweet baby was our ( my husband and myself) first baby together he was born at 39 weeks and 6 days, he had his cord around his neck, and we did not do an autopsy. Now we have been told that PH1 could have killed him but we will never know now. PH1 is what my middle girl bear was just diagnosed with last month, she is now taking 150 mg. of vitamin B6 ( we are working our way up to 250 mg.) and she is taking 15 ml. of polycitra (you should have read the warnings with this) I guess we have to decide between the two evils and this is the lesser. So we are still waiting for results for my two boy bears for thier testing. It has been 3 and a half weeks and waiting really is the worst!!!!! So yesterday I was feeling it all, the chance that my babies will need liver transplant and possiably kidney and liver transplants that is the only cure at the moment. It is pretty scary to think that I can not go to the pharmacy and get something to fix them, but that in order to toally cure them they will need new livers. Livers do not grow on trees and we have been told that myself and the daddy bear would not be able to donate ( I have yet to confirm this as I have also heard that its possiable from people who have done it for their baby bears)

So for now we try to keep from harming our lil sister bears kidneys by druging her with things that make her tummy hurt, and pray that the damage to our brother bears kidneys is not horriable and his kidneys can be saved, and we are praying that our baby bear does not have this horriable, silent killer!!!!!

Now that you have been updated you can see why I have bad days!!! Yesterday was one of them!!!!

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I wish words would help make things all better, but all I can do is say I'm here for you and will listen anytime you need someone to talk to.