Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new years

So now that Christmas is over, I've been thinking about what I would like to see happen in the new year, now some of the things I can control but most are out of my control!!! Here's my list anyway, I wonder how it'll all turn out!!! Sometimes I wish I knew in advance, but really I'm so glad that I don't!!!

1. I want my niece/nephew here safe in our arms!!
2. My sister's wedding to go off without a hitch!!
3. The kids to stay "healthy" like they are now!!!
4. LOSE WEIGHT (now I started last year and did really well but then the kids got sick, so it's time to start again)
5. Heal the relationship between my hubby and his family
6. Heal our finaces
Those are my top 6 wishes for the new year!! As I said somethings are in my control like the weight thing!!! I have NO will power and am totally addicted to Coke, so hopefully I can get this back in control!!!

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Ter said...

I hear you about loosing weight then getting sidetracked by life. Its too bad you don't live closer, you could join curves and come with me, I could use an exercise buddy.

And I TOTALLY HEAR YOU ABOUT COKE! I'm totally addicted to that too!! The only time I managed to curb the amount of coke I drank was when I was pregnant but I also came to realize that alot of other drinks have sugar in it too, even juice has added sugar! ACK!