Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the over due post!!

I just realized that it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post and what a two weeks it's been. For those of you who know me you know that trouble seems to follow us!!!! :-) Anyhow these last few weeks have been no different, it all started when I wasn't feeling well, everyone knows that Moms CANNOT stop to get better, the laundry waits for no one!! (hehehe, and there are no laundry elves contrary to what the family may think) Anyhow I spent a whole day lying around and only doing what was ABOUSTLY necessary, so then of course once I felt better I had ALOT to do.

Then last week lil sister bear had an upset tummy, there were a few times that myself and Daddy bear saw horrible things about to happen and yelled run!!! The messes were all avoided and she is now feeling much better!!! She has since told her Grandma bear that she wasn't sick she just missed me and didn't want me to work ( the Mommy guilt set in big time then, but the reality is that I HAVE to work or we don't eat it's as simple as that!!) I'm hoping she'll get used to it soon, and next week they are all off so she'll be loving that!!

This week it has been VERY cold here in Manitoba, Saturday we got home late, plugged in the truck (ford f-250 diesel) or so we thought, turns out the extension cord was broken so the truck was not getting any power. Needless to say once a diesel is that frozen they just don't go!!!! So Sunday morning I was to light the advent candle at church, Daddy bear went to start the truck (the van does not heat) and nothing, So I did not make it, but I had to work that night so we worked on getting the van going, and finally were able to!! Then the hubby turned his attention to the truck, he ended up going and getting new extension cords, and an Oil pan heater (was to be his Christmas gift) anyhow it all didn't work, so last night a dear fellow from our Church came over and towed out the truck, put it on a trailer and took it home to his heated shop overnight and this morning the old girl fired up again!!!

Oh and did I mention that on Monday morning not only was it -42, and the truck wouldn't go but we woke to frozen water as well, now since we live in a trailer this happens quite often (usually just when it's REALLY cold) so Hubby's a pro at thawing them and has it down to a science so it usually doesn't take long, but does require him to be out doors to watch so that things don't catch fire (we use a halogen work lamp). Needless to say we now have water again, the truck is going, the van is also going (but still not heating) and the children have gone back to school ( they stayed home Monday and Tuesday because of the cold they have a VERY long bus ride (about 1.5 hours) and I just don't feel comfortable putting them on the bus when it's that cold, our school only closes at -45, Monday it was -42, and Tuesday -40) so all is right in the world yet again.

One last thought our baby bear learned a very hard lesson this am he climbed onto the counter yet again (which he has been doing for many years now, he learned to climb before he learned to crawl), but today he knocked down the sewing machine which in turn feel on his head, yup you heard right hit him in the back of the head, he won't don't that again, at least for today I think..........

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Ter said...

Sorry you're having a rough time. I can't believe how cold it has been!! I hope it warms up soon!