Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am wondering why is it that kids are "sick" then the bus leaves and suddenly they feel fine??? Yup that's what happened this am big brother bear was "sick" so sick in fact that when I questioned him he cried. What a crock he is not sick, in fact I'm about ready to take him to school , and I should be baking ginger bread men!!!!

Now me on the other hand, my belly is doing flip flops, oh well live goes on, yesterday the water froze, so I didn't get the laundry done, so today is a work day and a catch up at home day!!! I'm on the computer so you can imagine just how much catching up is actually getting done. Not only that but I'm gonna be an Auntie so last week while I was out I found a sweet little sleeper with duckies on it that I was eyeing when we knew the baby was on it's way but was only 5 weeks along, was now on sale. So now that baby is 16.5 weeks I bought it!!! Then I headed over to the fabric section (my FAVORITE part of the store) and promptly found matching flannelette's to make a receiving blanket, I stitched a ducky dancing in the rain on it sewed it together no I'm in the process of finishing the edge on and I hear it calling to me.Wonder how much catching up I will get down today? Theres always tomorrow!!!

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