Thursday, December 4, 2008


As anybody who knows me, knows I LOVE QUILTING, fabric, needles and thread are a HUGE passion for me!!! I never knew it when I started bugging the family for a sewing machine about 7 years ago, but here I am now. For what ever reason 7 years ago for Christmas I decided that I would like a sewing machine for Christmas. I got a brother sewing machine (it was second hand, but that's okay, my mom didn't want to dish out a pile of money on something I might not like!!!) I love it, in fact I got a brand new machine and the old one works better (in fact the old one works and the new one not so much), but with the new job I have not had much time to use the machine, I miss it!!! But truthfully I just don't have the energy or the time, it has been getting better, as I go but I still do not have the time they way I used to. If only you could see my house you would understand (oh wait I don't want anyone to see the house :-)) So I have a pile of quilts waiting to be "finished", One of them being a snow flake quilt done in blues which my big sister bear has already said is hers, it is only a lap quilt but I would like to make it longer to fit her bed, it seems the fabric to finish it has disappeared though (what was that about cleaning? hehehe). Then of course there are all the new projects waiting to be done!! Tomorrow is my second day off this week I will spend the am cleaning and the afternoon playing?? (hopefully)

Now I have always cross stitched to in fact started that when I was about 15, it is the one of many things that got me through the loss of my angel bear (something relaxing about have to count out the stitches doesn't leave alot of time to think about the things going on around you). So I also have a pile of stitching that needs to be done, including a stitching I'm doing for lil sister bears room of a girl on a swing ( it reminded me of lil sister bear as soon as I saw it and I knew she had to have it) oh to find the time!!! :-)

You know even though I don't have as much time to do those things I am enjoying my job not that it doesn't have it's headaches, I really like the people I work with/for. It is a good fit for me and my family, I'm glad I now work and it sooo nice to talk to big people every now and then. Don't get me wrong I love my family, I just never realized how much I did for them (I don't think they realized it either) before and it's nice for them to have to help after all most of my kids are old enough to help around the house. That and we really needed the extra money I could bring in!!! Now at least the kids will get pizza day and hot dog days at school again, for the last few years it's been hard to find the money for those things!!

So today will be a slow not so productive day (keeping baby bear out of trouble is a full time job trouble seems to follow him) so I've been busy trying to keep him for destroying the place all morning, maybe at nap time I'll sweep and wash the floors!!!

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