Tuesday, December 23, 2008

this time of the year

This year has been tough, Christmas for anyone who has lost a loved one is a little bittersweet (although I find mother's day is the hardest) Christmas is VERY close. Everything I do at this time of the year is for the children and because of this I am forever reminded that there is one child missing. For Christmas every year we bring our baby angel bear a Christmas tree!!!

For whatever reason, this year has been twice as hard, maybe it's because of the news we got about the middle two bears this summer and how it seemed for a while we may also lose them. Or maybe it's the fact that it has been REALLY cold out here where we are and the truck has decided not to start, it has already been towed out of here on a flat deck trailer and put in a heated shop over night, only to have it not start again the next week. I missed my turn lighting the advent candle at church and I also missed the Christmas get together at church, both because of the truck!!

Then this week the van got REALLY stuck, and we had to borrow a truck to try and pull it out, in the process we ripped a bunch of hoses on the van (now we can't drive that either) and the bumper came off. Hopefully we can get one of them up and running soon.

So there are 2 days till Christmas, I'm missing my angel baby, and really wish a vehcile would go so that we could actually get to some of the places we are to be this week.

This is one of those times that I could remember that God really does love us, but at times it feels as though he has it out for us!!!

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Ter said...

i'm missing my bear and my babybear too. :(