Monday, August 24, 2009


I have been thinking for a few days about this post, I'd like to do a post about the memories we have made in this place that was our home for almost 10 years. However I donot want to post negative memories just positive ones.
- bringing home big brother bear, born jan.13 2000 after a week in N.I.C.U.
- big sister bears first day of school, me crying all the way up tyhe driveway after the bus left :-)
-trying to teach big sister bear to ride a two wheeler!
- countless birthday parties!
- chasing the kids in the yard.
- treasure hunts set up all through the yard for the children to find.
- watching the kids jump on the trapoline and laughing.
- building big sister bears bedroom and keeping it a surprise till her birthday.
-bringing home lil sister bear and baby bear.
- big brother bear and lil sister bears first day of school (I didn't cry for big brother bear but I did for lil sister bear, she was really scared)
- learning to sew/quilt.
-big brother bear demanding we take off the training wheels off of his bike so he could ride a twowheeler(he was 5) it took two tries with Daddies help and away he went.
- lil sister bear learning to ride a two wheeler at 4 she just got on and went.
Okay so there are so many, I think I'm gonna end here for now have a talk with the family and see what else we can come up with....stayed tuned more to come!!!

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