Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tonight after work we are leaving!!!! Going to Calgary till tuesday, I'm going to leave all my to leave all my troubles behind and head out and have fun!!!
The plan is to hopefully meet my brother, sister in law and precious nephew for "lunch" somewhere in calgary, as they are also out there for holidays but they are heading back towards home as we head out!!!
The move is happening,despite the stumbling blocks we will be moving!!! What we will do with our trailer I still don't know but whatever happens it will not be here,I'm not giving it back after paying almost $30,000 to him over the last ten years the last thing I owe him is the trailer!!! In all fairness there have been a few times that our rent was a few days late, and last summer our rent fell behind (durning the time the kids were being tested and whatnot we were going all the way to childrens sometimes 3 times a week, and money was really tight) but as soon as we could we got it all caught up and haven't been late for a long time, even though the rent keeps going up!!! So the last "late" notice for paying on the first was the last straw!!! We would really like to see something out of the trailer after all we paid almost 30,000 dollars and walking away with nothing sucks big time. I'd just like to atleast get enough to buy a new sofa????
Maybe I'll win the lottery!!!

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