Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So the decsion has been made we are in fact moving, we have found a place in town that we will be moving to this however could just be a temporary,only time will tell!!
There however is a problem with the place we are in now. We have lived in this place since two weeks before big borther bear was born. We found this place in the journal and it was a rent to own which seemed like a good idea at the time because it seemed we could then pay for the trailer in hopes that we would then be able to seel it and hopefully that money would then give us money for a down payment!!! I wish I had known everything about the landlord that I know know!!!!
As it is every year our rent has increased infact our rent was payed on the first and we were told we had to pay a 50 late fee! In almsost 10 years he has been asked 1 time to come over and help us thaw the water pipes!!! Other then that we did everything for ourselves, we even bought a riding mower to cut the grass, we have payed people to come open the driveway for us. The first 2 years we had to walk with our children through the mud to the house because we didn't have a driveway. We finally bugged him enough and got a load of gravel but we had to straigthen it, at our cost,no cost to the landowner, not only that but all the flower beds, the sidewalk, all of this was put in at our cost!!! Now the landowner has deicded that the trailer is to be moved our we have to contniue paying the rent, also that we have to give him 60 days notice we have given him 30 days. We as of right now do not have a contract because he didn't want to sign one?? So what do we do with this trailer??? Turns out we won't get the money for the down payment as we first thought infact it may cost us even more then we first thought!!b

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