Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ph1, the dog , ants and family dinners

Now that summer is finally here and it looks like it will stay, we have ants not your average tiny little ants, nope huge ants. We went to the store and spent 10 dollars hopefully this will solve the problem!!! I don't mind ants but not in my house!!!

As for the dog, she's the cutest little gal, she does have some behavioral problems she barks at EVERYONE even though I'm sure that she would never bite unless she thought that one of "her" kids was getting hurt or in danger. In fact I was tickling Brycen and she was in my face not sure how to react. She loves sleeping with the kids, she crawls up into the kids beds and sleeps there all night. If she sees me gonna have a nap on the sofa she'll crawl up and nap with me. I wonder where I can take her or find out how to break the barking habit. The one condition on Jeff agreeing ON the dog was that I not buy fabric for 2 months, well there are always ways around that you see I got a gift card from the fat quarter shop so I finally used it and got some great charms.

So I'm a HUGE believer in family dinners when I was a kid we ALWAYS ate dinner together as a family at the dinner table. I want that for my kids, however with the shifts we are now working it is hard the hubby only has Tuesday and Wednesday off and works night and when he works days I'm sleeping ( since I sleep when he is home so I can work overnights.) so today we had family dinner night, the teenager was NOT happy. She said she wasn't hungry and even tried to bring here homework to the table and refused to eat. In the end she didn't talk but she did eat. One day she'll understand.

On the PH1 note, we have up coming appointments and I'm worried, we have ultrasounds and need to do a 12 hour urine, I'm hoping things are still okay. J'naya is the one I'm the most worried about she has been complain ALOT about belly aches and most importantly back aches, in fact last week there was a disscions about an E.R visit. But because of the upcoming visits we didn't ( however we would have if the pain become un bareable) it's really hard to know when to go and when not to, I don't want to damage her kidneys but I also don't want to cry wolf.

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