Saturday, April 3, 2010

sweet memories

This week I was to go to my Thursday morning bible study, couldn't do it, it is REALLY hard to work 8 hours overnight and go out once I get home, instead I went to sleep. When I crawled into bed my Brycie was in bed, he kind of sat up and stretched and went back to sleep I asked him if he wanted a pillow, he nodded and I slipped a pillow under his head. Then I rubbed the top of his head and told him I loved him to which I was rewarded with a HUGE sleepy grin. It's moments like this that make it worth it!!

I have memories of each of my babies locked in my head, one of the sweetest ones of Ashton is when she was just tiny she was screaming at 3:00 am, I was so frustrated ( I was a 17 year old single mom and was crying right along with her) when she suddenly stopped, she had caught sight of her own hand and was fixed on the fact that it moved!! Needless to say we were able to settle down and go back to sleep. With Tony I would say it was when he was put under to break up kidney stones at the age of three,you see Tony was avery happy go lucky child and before he was put under he was hamming it up with all the nurses. Once he came to he was so mad he wouldn't talk to anyone. With Miss. J it would have to be the way she LOVED my Dad, I mean LOVED my Dad and my father in law (though that has changed and she is now scared of my father in law) no one could do anything for her when my Dad was around.
I also have a memory of my sweet angel baby I can still feel the place where his sweet little face last touched mine right before the nurse took him away from me forever.

I look forward to making more memories and can only hope that my children also have special memories locked away and always know how much I love them!!

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