Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yesterday I got the scare of a life time, now because my kids are country kids at heart they just don't get the whole stay in the yard deal. I have to watch them like hawks, now it doesn't help that most of the kids on the street just do their own thing or maybe I'm just to worried. I want my kids to stay in my yard, preferably the back yard. There is a park at the end of the street that they occasionally go to but only all together. So this week has been a HUGE test of faith, I send the kids outside with orders to stay in the backyard only to go check on them, ( I always have the window open) so if it is suddenly quiet I check asap, now this is what happened, it suddenly got silent, I look out the back window no kids, I go look out the front window there they are, Tony and J'naya on the sidewalk with their bikes Brycen sitting on the sidewalk petting a dog, I continue to watch for a few minutes. The dog goes on his way finishing his walk, Brycen gets on his bike, I watch thinking he's gonna come back up on to the sidewalk. To my horror nope he does not pull onto the sidewalk he goes straight out onto the street, into the path of an on coming car. I scream and run from the window to the door, yank open the door and bolt out, in time to see the car pass, as I look over I see that Brycen is still on his bike UN harmed. I then holler at him to bring his bike home, that's when Gracie ( our dachshund) goes racing out the door barking of course. Following closely behind is Ashton yelling at me because the dog got out. Now I love my dog but really if I have to choose the dog or Brycen it's not even close Brycen wins. So as I bolt out the door my only thought is he's gonna get hit, please Lord don't let him get hit. I am already an angel Mommy and I'm telling you I CANNOT do that again. I of coruse am so relived that he is okay, but he did get a serve tongue lashing. I also have taken away the bike, when will he get it back I'm not sure but for now no bike. It's not like he's 2 and doesn't know better he's almost 5 (his birthday is the 19 th of this month) he knows better and if he can't follow the rules he can't have the bike so simple!!!

The other thing that happened yesterday I went to pick up a few cross stitch books I have been wanting and found for cheap on kijiji ( I love kijiji.) but I got lost in the process, I looked up the directions before I left ( I was going to garden city) but I didn't print them, I went the wrong way and finally bought a map book to correct myself. Now I have lived in Liabu for 10 years I could get there from Libau but not from here. Then I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I got there or how to get back, I finally figured out how to get to the perimeter and then I could get home. In the mean time my kid have been locked out of the house. I lost Jeff's house key, or rather it feel off of the key ring at My Mom's house so it's not lost it's just not here. So Jeff took Ashton's key which means the kids are locked out and they have gone over to Jeff's Mom's house. I spot them as I drive by and stop to pick them up. All in all it has been a long week, only to become an even longer weekend as we struggle to figure out who really rules this house and to have the kids understand!!


ter@waaoms said...

I'm so glad that brycen was ok. I would have been scared too! It doesn't help that you live on a buys street!

I keep forgetting that brycen is about the same age as my daughter.

It can be easy to get lost in this city especially when the streets meet up funny or curve or are 2 way then turn into 1 way, aachh! I always hate going somewhere for the first time!!

Talk to you soon!

Laura said...

Scary indeed!!! The world is certainly a different place than it was years ago!
I found your blog because I have a very special bear that is bound for your neck of the woods. I would love if you could send me an email with your address so I can get him out to you ASAP. I was on vacation when he arrived at my house so he's a little late... You can send the info to
Looking forward to hearing from you!