Saturday, April 17, 2010

the scare of my life

The kids have had run of this house long enough, the decsion has been made that things WILL change.
I knew yesterday that when it was announced that things would change that it was gonna be bad, I just didn't realize how bad. You see Ashton was REALLY mad over the change infact so mad that she ran away. Yup she ran away she snuck out of the house and took off, for a while I was able to follow her, but she had an unfair advantage, she was by herself I had J'naya and Brycen with me and I could only move so fast. At some point I lost her (or she lost me depending on how you look at it). Now in order to file a missing persons report, you have to look every where you think your child will hve gone. I did that infact some of the places were visited a few times by myself and other people who were looking. I had a good idea of where she might have headed. Turns out I was right, I just wasn't there the same times she was. Ashton was gone for 4 and a half hours...... The longest 4 and a half hours of my life. You see we haven't lived in the city very long, There are some questionable characters on our street and I just wasn't convinced she was gonna come home. I'm happy to report that she is home and she is safe.

These are the new rules laid out yesterday, 2 nights a week with a friend ( she was spending every waking moment out with her friends) in the house by 10 pm, no phone calls or internet after 10pm. Lights out at 11pm on school nights. (she was staying up till 3 am on school nights) these new rules were laid out in a clam setting needless to say they were not well recived. These rules don't just allpy to one child but to all of them. Infact Tony will also be signed up for Tae kwon doe to see if we can instill some self control and teach some respect. I'm scared of some of the deiscions he has been making and hopefully we can get him back on the right track before it gets really bad. He's not happy about this!!

Now this is not all the kids fault some of it is our fault (Jeff and myself) we have just been WAY to easy with the rules and pretty much letting them get away with things they shouldn't and that is mainly becasue of guilt.
Things have to change we have to gain back control and are gonna do it, regradless of yesterdays events the rules stand.

The other thing that REALLY bothers me is the Mother in law, while I was out she came here and was cleaning my house No one was home. She's embrassed by how "messy" my house is, um hello I have 4 kids and I work over nights yup sometimes I don't feel like cleaning nor do I believe children should not be allowed to play so yup sometimes there's toys on the floor. Most times my house isn't spotless but nor is it a sty. I am not a stay at home home who simply cleans all the time, but if you don't like the place the way it is don't come over I'm so tired of being judged by everyone.

My kids are my proity today being a prime example, yup I could be in the house cleaning but I chose to go outside and play with the kids. Once they are grown I'll worry about having a spotless house. Actually proablly not I'll have Grand babies and I'll worry about spending time with them!!!

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ter@waaoms said...

Again, I'm really sorry you had this horrible scare! I'm glad that Ashton was found safe and is home where she belongs. I hope that this is the beginning of a new positive relationship with your children.

My cousin does Tae Kwon Doe too, and he really likes it. I hope Tony will too.