Friday, October 17, 2008


In my last post I sadi we have a great thsnksgiving, finally everyone had something to be thankful for . Well we have EVEN more to be thankful for, my baby bears are gonna be okay, the vitamin B6 IS WORKING!!!! big brother bears oxalates are normal again (normal is under 500 and his are around 350) lil sister bears were at 2000 and are now down to 673 so we will just be upping her from 250 mg of B6 a day to 300 mg. a day!!!! This means we have avoided a transplant for now, we will be seeing the doc every four months and doing 24 hour urines every 3 months for now and then once things are stable and going well we will see her evey 6 months. As for side effects lil sister bear was having VERY upset tummies as she upped her dose of meds, and big brother bear was having nightmares, but now that they have been on the meds for a whille they seem to have stopped!!!!

I feel like I can finally sleep, it has been7 months of worry and nights and sitting up all night crying and begging God to save my babies I just don't think I could ever be "okay" again if another baby left me!!!


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