Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I think back to tha last few years and I had a thought why not post where I am now, but first you must know that my life has been far from perfect infact I feel like ever step to here has pretty much been a strugle, now I know some of them where my fault. At 17 I had my first baby, that would be my big sister bear and it was hard, expecting a baby at 17 was not something i would EVER choose to do again!! I love big sister bear and she is one of the greater things I've had happen to ne, but if I had my choice I'd have her a few years later!!

At 19 I met my husband and we got engaged, pregant and married in that order. I was 20 when my angel baby bear was born still. Losing him is by far the WORST thing that has ever happened to me and yet I would not go back and not have him, I may not have alot to remember him by but I do have memories and he's my baby!!!

When big brother bear was 3 he had kidney stones, then lil sister bear had kidney stones at 5 and we knew something was VERY wrong.

My Dad recently had both a few mini strokes and a torn shoulder muscle making him unable to work ,thus not get paid for a Very long time, as his insurance provder deicded he was well enough to work and the doc would not give him a clean bill of health.

Then my parents were involved in a MAJOR car accident and we just about lost them both, thankfully they are still here and finally able to work again, and pretty much back to "normal" or maybe we've just gotten used to a new "normal".

We just had thanksgiving and this is the FIRST thanksgiving that each family had something to be thankful for!!!! My family is thankful for an answer to the children's problem, no it was not the answer we wanted but it is an answer and maybe by already knowing we can avoid a liver transplant for now, God will take care of it and if we need the transplant God will be there and we WILL be okay. I'm not saying that, it is not scary I'm just saying that God has always been there before he won't leave us alone now!!!!! We are also VERY thankful for my job, we'll finally not have to worry about money anymore, there will alwyas be food in the fridge and we'll ba able to order hamburger days and hotdog days, these are things that haven't always been in our house there have been to many days when the fridge was empty and me and Daddy bear did not eat so the baby bears could!!! My sister has found a man who is good enough to marry her, he's a wonderful man who will be there for her forever and she's so happy. My brother and sister-in-law have finally been able to do something that they have been wanting for a very long time. My parnets finally came into some money and now things aren't as tight for then either!!!!

Thanksgiving was better this year then it has been in 10 years and we are so thankful!!!! God has brought us through and will be there forever!!! There were lots of happy tears at the dinner table, you know us girls we cry!!! :-)

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