Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have not worked in almost 7 years, since I was seven months pregnant with lil sister bear. So now that lil sister bear is in school full time days I decided it was time to get a part time job!!! I talked to Daddy bear about it but he did not want any part of it!!! So I've been talking about it for about 4 months so finally I told him i was gonna apply anyway. A friend told me that the shopper's drug mart was looking for people so I decided to put in an application. I did that on a Friday and Monday the hubby called me I think 3 times to see if they called. So Tuesday i called them and they said they'd let me know early next week. So I waited, then on weds of the next week I decided that if they did not call I'd go to town the next day and put in apps. everywhere. Low and behold they called. I went in for an interview and was hired that same day. I started my job the following Sunday!!!!

I'm so excited, I go to work evenings and weekends when Daddy bear is home with the baby bears to watch them. Not only is it more money, it is a chance to talk to people taller then 3 feet (don't get me wrong I Love my 3 feet tall people, but I need adult conversation to keep my brain from turning to mush)and I love my job so far!!!! We'll see what the future holds for our family now hopefully we're finally through the rough patch!!!!

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