Monday, October 20, 2008


I work, I have not held a job in 6 years (almost 7), I have worked in that time, in fact I could probably beat most men re- roofing a house, I have down PILES of laundry,washed the floors probably 1,000 times, not to mention bathrooms and washing dishes and picking up toys. But working where I actually leave the house and go somewhere for 8 1/2 hours and then come home again, that I have not done in along time. I have now worked 12 shifts and I am loving it thus far, but it really is knocking me on my butt!!! I'm beat when I get home I just need to sleep but alas the house work is calling. Not to mention my fabric withdrawal, I do not find near enough time to "play" with fabric now, and then there is my blog/face book addiction it just is not helping the fabric cause.

So far today I have started the laundry, cleaned the bathroom and done 2 sinks full of dishes (we ran out of dish soap so they have been stacking up). Now it's time to log off and finish the house work and maybe just maybe today I'll get a fabric fix!!!!

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