Wednesday, October 8, 2008

buttons and boys!!

It has been a while since I blogged so it's time for an update!!! The children were to have an appointment on October the 2 to see if the B6 is working or not, but it was cancelled at the last minute, and we now will go on October the 16!!

Second I now have a job!!! That's right I am a front cashier at shopper's drug mart, the job is a perfect fit for me, gives me the hours I need, a chance to talk to people who are not 3 feet tall(and I love the ones that are only 3 feet tall,but a chance to have grown up conversation is great)not to mention some more money in our house which is REALLY needed!!!

Now on to the boys and buttons part of this entry!!! Allow me to tell you what my baby bear did this week!!! Sunday was my first ever shift at shoppers, so Daddy bear stayed home with the baby bears and I went to work I got home at 7:30 pm, baby bear was to be sleeping, because he tends to play with lil sister bear we put him in our bed, well instead of going to sleep he was playing in my scrap booking things. At 9:15 ish he came out to tell us that he had put a button up his nose and could not get it out. We had a look and could not see it so it was decided that a trip to the E.R. was in order. I loaded him up and headed to the Selkirk E.R.

In Selkirk they held him down and had a look but could not see the button, so on to children's we went, we arrived at 12:00 am and sat in the waiting room for a short while. Soon we were called to the back and the E.R. doc had a look sure enough there was the button, but it was so far in that he did not want to try to get it because he didn't want to push it in even further. He asked us where we lived and how far from the hospital that was (about 1 1/2 hours) then off he went to call the Ear/nose/throat docs. A little while later the nurse came back to let us know that ENT would be in at 8 am. So we could either go home and be back at 8 or they would put us in an observation room and we could "try" to sleep. That was the choice we went with, so off we went into a room. By the time I got baby bear to sleep I'm guessing it was about2 am. I pulled out the lazy boy a settled in, EVERY time baby bear moved I checked on him, I was worried the button might move and he would chock. At some point I remember thinking I need to remember to move the truck in the am. Well finally around 7:30 I tried to sneak out to use the washroom, but baby bear also woke up. So we went to the washroom and the nurse came to talk to us and tell use that ENT should be there shortly. I told her I needed to move the truck and would take baby bear with me, she offer to have him sit at the nurses station while I moved the truck. I went outside (it was raining) came around the corner and my heart sank NO truck. I went back inside called daddy bear.......
Me: I got the truck towed."
DB: No you didn't
Me: no I'm kidding (dripping with sarcasm)
DB: don't do that to me
Me: I'm not kidding it's gone (then I cry)
DB: really?
Me: please just call Dr.Hook and find it
DB: you just go back to baby bear and I'll take care of the truck (I love him)
Me: okay thankyou!!!

I go back to baby bear, still no ENT we go back to our room to watch tree house and wait around 10:00 the nurse comes in to tell us that ENT will be there around 12:00 and asks if baby bear has had anything to eat? I tell her no and she says she'll find him some cereal and order a lunch tray for him, then remembers baby bear will probably have to be put under in order to retrieve the button so no food no drink. Which means momma bear can not have anything either because that would not be fair. Baby bear knew I had apple juice for him and kept asking for it in fact I had to hide it in Oder to keep him from sneaking it. I explained that they wanted to give him special medicine to make him sleep and food and juice would make him sick but he is only 3 and most of that did not make sense to him!!!

We sat down in the lazy boy together and got cozy and cuddled while watching tree house and tried to snooze.

Finally around 1:00pm ENT got there. My poor baby bear was then wrapped tight so he could not move, 2 docs and 2 nurses then came in and held down baby bear and tried to find the button. They put something on a cotton ball and up his nose to make it go to sleep and then looked. Baby bear hated it, he screamed so hard. I was at his head when the first doc had a look, trying to talk to him and calm him down. She couldn't see it. So they put some more "freezing" in his nose and the second doc had a look, my poor baby bear was screaming so hard that I couldn't take it and burst into tears, and ran from the room ( I didn't want him to see me upset) I went to the bathroom grabbed some toilet paper and tried to compose my self (it didn't work) then headed back into the hallway outside the room. Someone stopped to ask if I was okay, all I could do was nod, he then said "are yo sure" I still only nodded, he then asked if there was something he could do for me, I shook my head. Then he asked what had happened, I pointed towards my baby bear (who was still screaming) then he said ohhhh are they doing something for your child? I nodded again and he said okay and off he went. Shortly there after they were done and I went straight back to baby bear and scooped him up and cuddled him. He was so upset!!!!

They did not find the button, we had x-rays done just to make sure that he did not breath it into him lungs, we think he swallowed it, we were then released to go home and are now keeping an eye on him to make sure it's not still in his nose. So we have to check to see if it comes out the other end, or if there's a reaction in his nose!!!!

So far no button, we do know that it is pink and it's name is Frank!!!

My guess is that he NEVER puts anything up his nose again!!!! I think this was lesson learned!!!

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